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Case Studies – Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Kampala, Uganda – British High Commission

Appointed to supply, deliver and install all of the new office furniture for the newly constructed High Commission in Kampala, Uganda by surveyors Ridge & Partners. This project required us to visit the site and assist with space planning, help draw up a migration plan/move management schedule in order for the 125 staff to take occupancy. After finalising furniture specification our next task was to handle the shipping and clearance of the furniture which was being produced and loaded at various locations around the UK. This all needed to travel to the port of entry in Africa, in bonded containers, with time allowed for customs and clearance. Our experienced installation team left the UK for Kampala with a 2 week Installation scheduled, however, faced with unforeseen delays at the docks we were only left with 9 days to install (which was cutting it a bit fine). But fear not, we employed the help of some local labour to help with the unpacking and clearing away, allowing our team to forge on with the job in hand of constructing the furniture in time for the planned opening.


Rabat, Morocco – British Embassy

With experience on our side Ridge and Partners once again invited us to be involved in a Foreign and Commonwealth Office project. The invaluable experience we had gained in the specification, supply, installation and most importantly the shipping and handling of office furniture on the previous projects had lead us in good stead. A very similar plan  to that used in Kampala was drawn up in terms of specification of product, assisting with the space planning and playing a part in the scheduling of move management. This time the furniture was to travel across Europe in Lorry’s to reach its destination in Morocco, again with a 2 week installation window scheduled. Only this time we weren’t faced with port delays and our installation team were delighted to start on time which meant this project went to plan and was carried out in just 10 days!


Colombo, Sri Lanka – British High Commission

Cube 21 were proud to be appointed to supply, deliver and install all of the new office furniture for the New British High Commission in Colombo Sri Lanka. Working closely with Richard Murphy Architects and Edmund Shipway, planning was crucial to co-ordinate this project, in particular the logistical challenge of shipping the furniture out to Sri Lanka and sending our installation team out to complete the project. We  concluded this project on budget and on time, ready for the opening of the new facility in March 2008.


Almaty, Kazakhstan – British High Commission

Following on from the success of Uganda, Morocco and Sri Lanka,  Cube21 have been given the opportunity to prove their metal by refitting the British High Commission in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This project has been complex, involving the proposal of product and suppliers, overseeing transportation and storage and dispatching a team of 6 installers to Kazakhstan tasked with completing the job on time and under budget.



Tbilisi, Georgia – British Embassy

We are pleased to announce that Cube 21 have been awarded the furniture  and specification consultancy package for the new British Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project involves site survey’s at the existing Embassy to ascertain the necessary requirements of the Meetings with the architect’s and furniture manufacturers are required to provide a cost effective solution, working within budgetary constraints.



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