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Office Design & Planning

Effective space planning is key to creating a safe, comfortable and healthy office environment for staff and visitors.

Here at Cube 21, we have many years experience producing effective practical layouts that create a comfortable office environments whilst maximising the use of space and ensuring your office complies with all relevant health and safety and DDA issues and regulations.

Our office design team use the latest CAD technology to produce 2D and 3D plans as well as animated walk throughs – helping you to visualise your impressive new office interior spaces before our build and fit out teams take over to make these designs a reality.

Workplace Consultancy

We are aware of the commercial pressures within the Office market and the need to work with cost effective floor plates and space efficient layouts.

Here at Cube 21, we work with our clients to develop these requirements whilst also striving for flexible space to widen the market for speculative buildings. We can assist you in enhancing your assets by employing a holistic approach to your working environment, culture, technology and property.

We can support you through mergers or acquisitions, growth/downsizing and all other business changes or property requirements. In addition to providing independent advice, we can also offer support to clients’ in-house property teams and end users.

CAD & Space Planning

Most things in life start with design and it’s easy to see why. A stunning new interior will inspire your staff and impress your clients.

A working environment is somewhere that more often than not an employee will spend the majority of their working day and therefore is a very important factor when making office changes.

We have found that companies are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that the design of their working environment has on productivity and are gradually pushing the boundaries further and further. This in turn has an impact on the way we interpret their needs and present our solutions.

Here at Cube 21, we have invested a great deal of time and money in training our design team and expanding our IT hardware to not only cope with the more demanding projects but to stay well ahead of the changing market.

When undertaking projects, we now have the ability to supply CAD plans in both 2D & 3D with virtual imagery and DVD based walkthroughs to help illustrate our design ideas. We search the market for new and innovative materials and of course, have samples of everything we propose to ensure the correct look is always achieved.

With a dedicated designer working from concept to build, to ensure the project runs smoothly and to the brief, you can relax knowing your space is in good hands.

Office Interior Design Proposal

We believe that designing an office that works – and works specifically for you – is as much about listening and understanding as it is about technology and aesthetics.

Our work always begins with asking the right questions. We listen carefully to our clients to gain insights into your culture, priorities and business needs.

We also take time to understand the building itself. A thorough analysis means we can provide you with optimal use of space, light, materials and services.

Design Philosophy

Offices are more than a place to work – they are a business asset which must communicate, inspire and engage.

An office will help to express the value employers have for their employees while conveying the image clients and visitors have of a company.

Design Process

We establish long relationships with our clients by delivering office design that works and exceeds their objectives. We can only do this by complete understanding of the challenge and requirements at the very beginning of every project – we do this through our design process.

Recent Office Design Projects

See some of the offices we’ve designed for clients in and around Oxfordshire by clicking on the links below

Trusted Partners

From initial design to final installation, Cube 21 can supply every furniture requirement for the modern office. Sourcing the very best products for your new offices from our network of trusted suppliers, we’ve built strategic and long-term relationships with these trusted partners meaning we can offer you the widest range of products for your new office design project, often at better prices than if you were to approach these companies direct.

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