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Project Management

With so many options to choose, and many different contractors and teams to tie together to make the vision for your new office space become reality, wouldn’t it be helpful to find an experienced yet personable organisation capable of taking a holistic and proactive approach while helping to to ensure the right decisions and appropriate specifications are made from the very start?

Cube 21 can help! We are committed to ensuring that you make the right choices for your new office space. Our advice is offered completely free of charge so contact us today to see how we can help! We also offer a free site survey and drawings on request.

We’ve been in the business of refurbishing, renovating and relocating offices for nearly 20 years, during which time we’ve learned a thing or two about managing complex projects which require synergy and harmony between lots of contractors and stakeholders.

Whether you’re responsible for a large office requiring everything from furniture to fit-out, or you simply require desks and operator/task seating for a smaller office, our friendly experience team are on hand to help!

CDM Coordination

Cube 21 adopts a multi-faceted and holistic approach to the role of the CDM co-ordinator and the reduction of health and safety risk, since we recognise that accidents and ill health can be caused by a large number of inter-related circumstances. These can be particularly complicated in the design and construction processes.

The CDM co-ordinator’s role requires them to establish a vital “thread” of health and safety from concept to completion of a project.

This includes:

  • Notifying the Health & Safety Executive
  • Working closely with the design team throughout the design and construction processes to achieve hazard elimination
  • Advising and assisting with regard to management arrangements for health and safety
  • Compiling ‘Pre-construction Information’ for provision to designers and contractors
  • Advising clients with regard to competence and adequacy of resources appointed
  • Advising the client with regard to the adequacy of the ‘Construction Phase Plan’ and welfare provision before works commence on site
  • Ensuring compilation and delivery of the ‘Health & Safety File’ to the client upon completion

Recent Projects

Below are links to recent office refurbishment projects where Cube 21 have had a role in project management

Trusted Partners

From initial design to final installation, Cube 21 can supply every furniture requirement for the modern office. Sourcing the very best products for your new offices from our network of trusted suppliers, we’ve built strategic and long-term relationships with these trusted partners meaning we can offer you the widest range of products for your new office design project, often at better prices than if you were to approach these companies direct.

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